Gradelo University, Inc., formerly known as Xcel University, was founded in September 2007 by NBA star Metta World Peace. Gradelo University focuses on Educational Initiatives, Mental Health Awareness and has added a third pillar of Health and Wellness to expand on the founder’s belief in a holistic approach for helping our youth.

Gradelo University believes there are three foundations needed to set our youth up for success: 1. Access to quality education and sufficient educational resources; 2. Good mental health; 3. An adequate level of physical activity along with healthy, nutritious food. These three foundations are the Pillars of Success and in the absence of one or more of these pillars, our youth will have less than an optimal chance of living up to their true potential.


Gradelo University wants to see all our youth succeed. We will continue to participate in mental health awareness initiatives such as anti-stigma campaigns and connecting youth to mental health services and will add various programs incentivizing youth to be physically active and mindful of what they are eating.


In addition, Gradelo University will be launching “Gradelo Festivals” to accomplish our Educational Initiatives and help raise monies for various school districts across the country. Each school district chosen for a Gradelo Festival will be asked to identify areas in need of funding, whether that be for new desks in a library, supplies for a school garden, or new flooring on a basketball court.


Gradelo University’s founder, Metta World Peace, has an incredible, inspiring story of overcoming many significant obstacles and challenges during his lifetime and he is grateful for the help he received from so many along the way. Metta’s goal with Gradelo University is to give back and help provide resources to our youth so they are better equipped to overcome their own personal challenges and obstacles and have a chance at reaching their highest potential.

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